Ezylife is an abbreviation of “Easy Way for Healthy Life”, which aims to achieve the happy life through some simple steps. The existence of countless diseases of affluence like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol has left us with nothing much to cheer for in our hectic modern life. While a “healthy life” might sound unachievable to many of us, Ezylife offers a surprise remedy. Thanks to the magical effects of dietary fiber and live cultures, Ezylife has a range of health drinks which could effectively rectify the disorders and lead you back on the right path towards a healthy life.




Ezylife strive to achieve the Body Ecology by using the Natural Foods through Natural Ways.




Through the sophisticated research process, Ezylife has formulated a unique recipe to produce a range of health drinks according to the human body requirements and fit to the digestion system.




• Dietary fiber is referring to the water soluble long chain carbohydrate in the plant cell that cannot be digested and absorbed by our human body system.

• Dietary fiber is found to be the Functional Nutrients for the recovery of modern illnesses caused by our anti lifestyle diet.

Dietary fiber functions:
• To increase the volume of intestinal and stomach food, and also to increase satiety – to assist in weight control.

• The gummy texture cleanses intestinal tract in a natural way, promote mobility, and reduce intestinal toxin accumulation.

• Absorption of toxin is a good helper in detoxification; reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.

• Dietary fiber directly promotes good bacteria multiplication, indirectly inhibit the growth of bad bacteria and act as PREBIOTIC.

• Adjustment of carbohydrate and fat metabolism functions to lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease by making the liver to alter cholesterol into bile acids and bile salt thus reducing the absorption of fat.

• Slow down the absorption of glucose which will stabilize the blood sugar level fluctuation after food intake.

• Maintain a healthy digestive system, to boost the immune system and promote body’s hormone production and balance.

• Reduce the workload of the liver as less toxin is absorbed by the small intestine, this action will help promote liver rest and strengthen the Liver Functions.

• Dietary fiber is found to be the 7th nutrient to recover health.

Ways of taking dietary fiber – consume volume not more than 3gm per serving.

The benefits of lactic acid bacteria
• To maintain the ecological balance of intestinal flora to form biological barrier, inhibiting the invasion of harmful bacteria to the intestinal tract.

• Lactic acids bacteria generate a large number of short-chain fatty acids to promote intestinal mobility and prevention of constipation.

• Lactic acid bacteria can reduce the production of certain cancer-causing substances, thus having anti-cancer effects. It also inhabits the breeding of bad intestinal bacteria.

• Inhibiting the growth of bad bacteria in the intestines, less accumulation of toxin occurs, thus preventing liver and brain damage.

• Hormone production in the colon becomes normal, resulting in the slow aging process.

• Improve and enhance immune function, thus improve body immunity, and prevent diseases.

What is yogurt?
Yogurt is a dairy product made through a fermentation process of fresh milk by live cultures.

Yogurt content:
• Lactic acid bacteria.
• High-quality, absorbable protein.
• Minerals: Calcium (small water soluble molecules)
• Vitamins : Fat-soluble nutrients vitamin A, carotene & water soluble vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, and biotin.

The Benefits of Yogurt
• Through fermentation process, protein from the milk is converted to small soluble molecules which the body can easily digest and absorb.

• Promote gastric secretion, increase appetite, and strengthen the effectiveness of digestion.

• Yogurt contains a variety of enzymes to promote digestion and absorption.

• It is a cholesterol-lowering effect, especially suitable for people having high cholesterol. The fermented milk is believed to prevent the formation of cholesterol.

• The vitamins are easily absorbed.

• The mineral calcium content can be absorbed by all ages.