What is yogurt?

Yogurt is a dairy product made through a fermentation process of fresh milk by live cultures to serve better absorption for human

Yogurt content

1. Beneficial live,active bacteria -probiotic and prebiotic

2. High quality absorbable protein which is better than milk

3. Minerals: smaller molecules of water soluble calcium, phosphorus,magnesium,potassium,sodium,iron,zinc,copper and manganese compare to milk

3. Vitamins: fat-soluble vitamin A,E and Water soluble vitamins B1,B2,B6,B12 ,K

4.Contain natural HDL cholesterol and Lactic acid

The benefits of good yogurt

1.Contain Live and Active Yogurt Culture 

2.Smaller soluble molecules of protein for easily absorption-prevent muscle lost,promote body metabolism and control body weight.

3.Contain natural absorbable calcium,prevent Osteoporosis and maintain blood pH to alkaline base of 7.4 

4.Contain natural Vitamin B-Complex and B12-protect heart organ and prevent Neural Tube Birth defects                                             

5.Contain natural phosphorus,magnesium and potassium to regulate body blood pressure                         

6.Contain natural HDL cholesterol ,reduce heart and hypertension disease          

Benefits of lactic acid bacteria (active yogurt culture)

  1. Maintain the ecological balance of intestinal tract- inhibiting the invasion of harmful bacteria ,maintain healthy digestion system
  2. Reduce IBS symptom,promote intestinal mobility and prevention of  diarrhea and constipation.         
  3.  Lactic acid bacteria can reduce the formation of  cancer-causing factor, thus having anti-cancer effects.                        
  4. Lower body inflammation .Inhabiting the growth of bad bacteria in the intestines, less accumulation of toxin thus preventing liver and brain damage.
  5. Hormone production in colon become normal resulting in slow aging process.
  6. Improve and enhance immune function, thus improving body immunity, and prevention diseases.